General Info


The School Day

Arrival – no earlier than 8.45am


9.00am – 10.30am


10.30am – 10.45am


12.00 – 1.00pm (P1-P4)

12.15 – 1.00pm (P5-7)


1.00pm – 1.45pm (P1-P3)

1.00pm – 2.45pm (P4 – P7)

Our school operates a breakfast club (8.00am – 8.45pm – £2.00: 8.30am – 8.45am – £1.00) and an after-school P1-P3 club (1.45pm – 2.45pm – £2.00) on a daily basis.

Details of early closures will be given in monthly newsletters, notes home and on this site.

Home time

Please inform school of any changes to your collection arrangements. Children can become very distressed if you are not there on time or someone different has turned up to collect them.

If you are delayed on your way to school for a pick up your child will remain in the care of his/her teacher and may be picked up from their classroom when you arrive. Please just give us a ring to let us know you are running late.

All your contact numbers must be accurate and up to date. When you get your data collection form please complete it and return it to school immediately. If changes occur during the year, particularly in relation to mobile numbers, school must be informed.

Equipment Needed

All classes need different items of equipment and details will be given by each class teacher at the beginning of September. All children should come to school prepared for the day, ensuring that they have all their belongings with them. Please ensure that all items are clearly labelled. Every item of uniform must be labelled. In June a large amount of unclaimed uniform was put into our recycling bin, all the items were in excellent condition but un-named.

General equipment needed – pencils (writing and colouring), rubber, sharpener and a large pritt stick. Children from P4-P7 should also have a large ruler, art shirt, whiteboard marker, file with file dividers, scissors, blue erasable handwriting pen and pens suitable for marking (biro).

PE Equipment

Please ensure all equipment is labelled and in a suitable bag for storage at school.

Teachers will tell the children when PE equipment is needed as not all classes change completely at the beginning of the academic year.

General PE equipment is as follows:

Indoor Kit

Shorts, t-shirt, plimsolls, no jewellery – ear rings must be removed and long hair tied back.

Outdoor Kit (When needed)

Trainers – outdoors, t-shirt, tracksuit/jogging bottoms/jacket/sweatshirt.


A dinner menu for the month will normally be sent home prior to the beginning of the month.

All dinner money must be sent to school on a Monday morning, in a named envelope and to the individual’s class teacher. Please do not send in one amount for all the children in the family unless they are in the same classroom. Staff are not allowed to open envelopes and each teacher is responsible for the tally of money and numbers for her class at the end of the month.

Cheques should be made payable to Education Authority.

If your child does not wish to take dinners all week, simply indicate the days he/she is taking on the envelope and ensure the money is sent to school on a Monday morning and not in the middle of the week.

After a school holiday, dinner money should be brought to school on the day of return to school.

Dinners for the incoming academic year will cost £2.60 per day.

All monies sent to school must be in separate named, labelled envelopes

E.g. Swimming & school trip money